Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's in my bag?

Hey everyone!

Every time I'm doing a blog post I'm already thinking of what I'm gonna post the next day, so yesterday, I was thinking of trying another Halloween look, but this time showing you the process, like a tutorial... Buuuut today I've been feeling soooo lazy, didn't dress up and haven't had any makeup on my face all day because I just didn't feel like it, but still wanted to do something here so I thought I would do a "What's in my bag" blog post for you : )

I love to see this tag on YouTube, and I've always wanted to do one, but I don't have courage enough to film videos, so I'm * bloggin' *it : )
Hope you like it!

I'm just gonna start by showing you my bag...

I bought this bag 3 to 4 years ago at a local festival we had here.
This bag was 5€! Only 5€! Can you believe it?
It's a non brand bag from a flea market, and the quality didn't seem to be anything special, so when I bought it I kinda knew that this purse would eventually fall into pieces the next couple of days, but I mean...5€, what to expect?  You get what you pay...
But actually I was sooo wrong, and I'm really impressed with the quality because I've been wearing this bag so many times to so many places, stuffing it with a bunch of crap and not treating it very well, and it still looks brand new!
The buckles and studs are still shiny , the material isn't damage at all... Very, very impressed!
And very happy too because I really love it : )

Now an overview of  all I carry in my bag...

You might think that this is too much or nothing compared to some other people's bags, but trust me, all those littles things make my bag sooo freakin' heavy!

Now I'm gonna show everything in more detail...

I'm not showing you what's inside of these littles babies because then it would be an endless blog post, but I might be doing another one just to show you what's inside them.
So here we have a little red pouch for my iPod Nano, a pink pouch that I mainly use as an *emergency kit*, the gold one has feminine stuff, and the crazy cute one has band-aids, because I'm very clumsy and I'm always hurting myself.

The black velvety pouch it's my camera case, the pink one I use just for medicines and pain relievers,  the purple plasticky box it's full of bobby pins and the other one it's just my makeup bag.

Here we have my wallet, a deodorant, my phone case, a lot of creams (hand, feet and face), a soap, detangler for my crazy hair and hand sanitizer.
Keep in my that I'm always at other people's houses, that's why I have so many toiletries with me.

Now we have a charger for my phone, playing cards (because you never know when you'll need them ahah), more pain relievers, my favorite hair comb, a mirror, 3 lighters, one locker and keys for it, more hand cream (because apparently one isn't enough for me), 2 of the many more chapsticks I have in my purse, an old bracelet that my boyfriend gave to my brother (don't even know how it ended up here, but whateve's)  and a spoon thingy from a coffee shop.

We are almost done here guys!
Well, as you can see I'm a *stationary freak*... Staples should employ me or pay me for advertising this because me and that store it's like match made in heaven! Everytime I go there I get lost with all the cool stuff they have there.... Now back on track, I don't have one, or two...or even three notebooks... I have FREAKIN' 4!!! OMG! Now I'm embarrassed....But guys, I really like to write things down.
I don't use any technological device as a planner or as note taking, so I run thru this things really fast, but I still keep the ones I'm done with because they have lot's of things that I need (or at least I think I need) to carry with me all the time... 
And lastly, as a freakin' nerd I am, I have a load crap of pens, and pencils and what not.

Hope you enjoyed!
I tag all of you to do this! I would love to see what you guys carry on your bags : )



  1. Niiice idea For a post! Thanks For sharing it ;)

  2. Your post is so amazing! Love it so much!
    You have a new follower (Gloria Pepe 26 via GFC)! Hope you'll do the same, dear!
    Thank you!


    1. Thank you so so much for the nice comment dear :D
      I'm following you too!

      Hope we keep in touch!

  3. love the bag

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

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    1. Thanks!
      Of course! Heading now to your blog :)



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