Sunday, October 28, 2012

*RoomDecor* - A work in progress !

Hey everyone!

I'm super tired today and with pain in every single bone in my body, but for a good cause!

I moved into my mother's house since a couple of months ago (for unemployment reasons) and since then, I've been trying to make my new room cozy and comfortable for me and my boyfriend, but it's beeing very hard!
This room it's pretty small so there's not much space for storage, and also, I don't have spare money to buy anything for decorating it or bettering it, so I had to reutilize things that I already had, have some imagination and try my best till I have the possibility to make it the way I really want it to be.

 This all happened after watching a room tour on YouTube...
I've been changing things all the time, actually, I moved my bed 4 times since I'm here, so I guess I'll never be 100% satisfied with it ahah

But I think that now I'm starting to realize what direction I really want to go with my room decor : )

I'm going towards the "Earthy" theme!
Green, brown, copper, gold and white are the main colors.

I' going to show you first a photo where you can see a little of what my room looked like before I moved everything today!

You can't see much, but you'll now see how different it is :)
Please remember, *still working on it*

Here's a picture I took while squeezing myself between a wall and my wardrobe.
As you can see, it's a tiny little room, but I like it : ) 

A photo from the other corner...

My boyfriend's bedside table.
Nothing much to talk about...just a few cats and a little mouse that I put there because I have too many of them, I love this little decoration animals ^.^

And now my bedside table, with no lamp still ahah
My mother is the author of that painting  (it had to have a cat on it!)

Now, a close up of my side...
Two cats, one wooden box, jewelry holder, phone, and two candles!
That circular green thing on the left it's actually the cover I had on my bed it's serving as a cover for a traveling trolley bag, making it a perfect purse stand : D

So, I had a problem...My bed doesn't have a "head", and I didn't like how naked my room felt because of that so, as you can tell, I used a courtin to make one.
It's not the most perfect thing in the world, but it works for now!

I had to move this armoire to the opposite wall by my own!
Imagine this, tiny space, full of junk, a bed and a armoire on opposite sides, and moving them little by little at the same time so I wouldn't be stuck between them nor making some kind of disaster...
It was tuff! 

Here's the little corner of mess...
I have to work on this soo much!

So here I have my earring holder on a little stool and 2 stacked boxes on the right, covered by a blanket that was on my bed as well, and a trash can hiding on the corner.

Here is my boyfriend's shoes on a thing that was used as a potato basket in the past ahah
I had to use my imagination a pick up as much things as I could to make this a practical space : D

Green curtains...

My green fuzzy rug that I love so much!

And a stander chocolate brown rug that's on my side.

Finally, our lamp shade, also green : )

That's it for today : )

Tell me what you think of my room so far!
I think I'm gonna keep on posting updates on what I do around my room decor ^^

Hope you liked it!



  1. your room looks nice now, i can understand your pain when i work in my house after i'm always so tired

  2. Love the post!
    thanks for visit my blog!

    Big kiss!!

  3. your room is very nice *_* your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  4. great decor! ♥
    Im also following you, dear can you let me know when you will add new post?

    kisses Victoria


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