Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review on: Oriflame's Peel-Off Mask

Hey everyone!
Today I'm gonna do a review on something that I used during the month of September, and that was my go-to pampering product.
The product that I'm talking about it's the *deep breath* PURE NATURE ORGANIC JASMINE EXTRACT EXFOLIATING PEEL-OFF MASK 50ML.
This is, as the name says, an exfoliating peel-off mask, with 100% organic Jasmine extract, and it claims to remove dead skin cells and brightening skin's complexion. This mask it's for normal to combination skin.
It has a gel form consistency, a beautiful floral smell, very calming, and I have nothing bad to say about it. 
I used it every other day at night, all month long, because, like I said, the smell of it it's so calming that it was perfect for the occasion, and I also needed to take better care of myself for a change!
I noticed that my skin got so much better when I started using this, it helped me getting rid of pimples and bumps that I had on my forehead and chin, some redness that I had on my cheeks, and it also left my skin so velvety and brightened like I had baby skin all over again! Overall, was an amazing product for me, and I will repurchase again for sure!
I bought my first one from a friend who works for Oriflame, but I know that you can find this product on-line, at E-Bay, for example.
Go check it out! It's amazing, and fairly cheap, mine was 3€, but you'll probably find cheaper than that!



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